Keep Track of Power Use in Real-Time,
Right From Your Smartphone

Save on Your Electricity Bills with
Real-Time Monitoring & Smart Control

Understand, Control, & Save

See how much energy your key appliances are using.

Plug in Smappee Switches to easily monitor appliances and see exactly what they are costing you.

Track costs in detail (and spot the energy guzzlers!)

Once you enter your electricity tariffs, your Smappee app can show you what key appliances and general usage are costing you over time.

Monitor single phase grid & solar

Track the production of your solar circuit, how much you’re exporting back to the grid and your grid-based energy consumption.

Check it all from your phone or laptop

Monitor energy usage and production in real time and wherever you happen to be – whether you’re sitting on the couch or far away from home.


What’s in the box?

1 x Smappee Home Energy Monitor

1 x 100A current clamp (grid)

1 x 50A current clamp (solar)

2 year cloud licence

The Smappee Energy can easily be installed by a trained professional in no time

Download installation manual


Smappee Home Energy Monitor

Monitor Single-Phase
Grid & Solar Energy
Track Key Appliances with
the Smappee Switch
See Costs Over Time with
Custom Tariff Control
15 Minute Install by Qualified
Electrician or Trained Person
Express Shipping
Australia Wide
Automate with the Smappee
Switch & IFTTT Platform

Smappee is helping to shrink
energy bills all over Australia.

“We've installed Smappee in our home and are enjoying being able to learn more about our electricity use and how much solar is saving us. Vista Power were super helpful. I definitely recommend them as they look after you and your needs.”


Trish Foster

“I purchased the Smappee Energy Monitor with the Cloud Monitoring option and can only speak highly of the Vista Power Technologies. They will help you choose the right solution for your project and figure out the best way to maximise your energy usage in a home or commercial environment.”


Mathew Virgona


Want Added Control & Appliance Monitoring?
The Power’s in Your Hands with the Smappee Switch.

Add on Smappee Switches, which let you accurately monitor consumption of individual appliances and add custom automation through the app.
Connect other smart home devices using IF This Then That (IFTTT) for IoT based control.
Plug in a Smappee Switch and you could choose to:

Turn on appliances to use excess solar power

Set actions for days of the week, like turning off office equipment on weekends

Turn a connected appliance on or off remotely using your phone

The possibilities are endless, and up to 20 Switches can be configured in one system.


Maximise Savings & Control Over Your Costs
with Wholesale Rates

Accessing wholesale electricity prices can lead to significant cost savings. Vista Power Technologies has partnered with Amber Electric, an electricity retailer that offers real-time electricity market rates directly to their customers. Amber Electric pass on the actual NEM market price and network tariffs, only charging a fixed monthly management fee for this service. 

As an Amber Electric partner we can offer a $40 credit just for signing up, just use the link below.

By purchasing a Smappee Energy our customers can receive a further $60 credit, or a further $120 credit with the purchase of a Smappee Infinity system.

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About Vista Power Technologies

We’re proud Australian distributors of Smappee and Algodue products.
We bring you the best European energy technologies, backed by
local delivery and support. If you ever have questions, we’re here to help.


Need Three-Phase Monitoring or Advanced Functionality & Control?
Choose Smappee Infinity

If you're looking to monitor multiple circuits, smart charge your EV or unlock advanced monitoring, control and IoT options, then Smappee Infinity may be for you.

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